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著作: [田中 俊夫]/長谷川 典子/[小原 繁]/[佐竹 昌之]/ホノルルマラソン参加者の準備状況とレースの実態に関する調査研究/[徳島大学大学開放実践センター紀要]


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2022年5月5日(木) 20:30:52
佐竹 昌之
種別 必須 学術論文(紀要その他)
言語 必須 日本語
招待 推奨
審査 推奨
カテゴリ 推奨 研究
共著種別 推奨
学究種別 推奨
組織 推奨
  1. 徳島大学.大学開放実践センター(〜2019年3月31日)
著者 必須
  1. 田中 俊夫([徳島大学.人と地域共創センター])
    役割 任意
    貢献度 任意
    学籍番号 推奨
  2. (日) 長谷川 典子
    役割 任意
    貢献度 任意
    学籍番号 推奨
  3. 小原 繁
    役割 任意
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    学籍番号 推奨
  4. 佐竹 昌之([徳島大学.大学院社会産業理工学研究部.社会総合科学域.人間科学系.スポーツ健康分野]/[徳島大学.総合科学部.社会総合科学科.心身健康コース])
    役割 任意
    貢献度 任意
    学籍番号 推奨
題名 必須

(英) A Research on Participants of Honolulu Marathon Regarding the Preparation and Actual Condition of the Race

(日) ホノルルマラソン参加者の準備状況とレースの実態に関する調査研究

副題 任意
要約 任意

(英) This paper intends to describe the results of a questionnaire survey conducted among the participants of the 34th Honolulu Marathon that was held on 11th of December, 2005 in Hawaii. Before the event, most of the participants from Tokushima Prefecture took part in the training programs offered through local extra-mural courses, and the survey was carried out among this type of people. The varied responses were 207. The ratio of men to women was one-on-one and their average age was 46. Half of them had no prior experiences of jogging and 7 out of 10 people have answered that it was going to be the first time that they would challenge a full marathon. On average, they practiced jogging 3 times a week, 1 hour each. The distance of their jogging practice a month was about 150km on average in October and November 2005. The longest distance in the training was 26km per practice. As for their chief purposes of the race, the largest number of people, which accounted for 46%, answered that they would wish to finish in a target time. The average of goal time was 5 hours 29 minutes. Half of the participants answered (their performances were) 'worse than expected'. Likewise, those who commented their running speeds became slower in the latter half of the race, those who walked, and those who felt a lack of their energies roughly accounted for half of the participants. The worst five points of pains that the participants had experienced were in front of thigh, back of thigh, calf, ball of the foot and knee, and most of them began to feel these pains after they reached 20km. On the following morning of the race, fewer people expressed that they had had a fever, a headache or a diarrhea. On the other hand, two third felt muscle soreness in the front of their thighs, while half felt muscle soreness in their calf. Moreover, one out of three participants felt pains in their knees. It is found that whether one has practiced long distance or not before the race is one of the prime factors for causing physical pains during the race. Compared to those who had practiced more than 30km, those who had practiced less than 21.5km tended to feel more pains in thighs, knees, calf, and bottoms of their foot and so forth after they reached 20km. It is pointed out that sleeping time of the day before the race has had no obvious influence upon the performance of the race.

(日) 2005年12月11日に開催された第34回JALホノルルマラソンに参加したランナーに対してアンケート調査を実施した.調査対象者はホノルルマラソンに向けたトレーニングプログラムの参加者であり,207名から回答を得た.男女比は1:1で,平均年齢は46歳,半数がジョギング未経験者で7割がフルマラソン未経験であった.ジョギングの練習は平均で,週3回,約1時間行っていた.10月・11月の月間走行距離は150kmで,1回の練習における最長距離は26kmであった.ホノルルマラソンの最大の目標は「目標タイムで走る」が46%で最も多かった.ゴールタイムの平均は5時間29分で,半数が「思ったよりも走れなかった」と回答した.後半かなり遅くなった人,歩いた人,エネルギー切れを感じた人がそれぞれ約半数いた.太もも前側,太もも裏側,ふくらはぎ,足の裏,膝がレース中に痛みを感じた部位のトップ5であり,20kmを越えてから痛みを感じる割合が急増していた.レースの翌日に発熱や頭痛,下痢などの症状があった人はわずかであった.3分の2が太ももの前側に筋肉痛を感じていて,半数がふくらはぎに筋肉痛があった.また3分の1が膝の痛みを感じていた.長距離練習を実施したか否かがレース中の身体の痛みの出現の大きな要因となっていると考えられる.21.5km未満の練習しか行っていない群では,30km以上の練習を行った群に比べて,20kmを越えると太ももや膝,ふくらはぎ,足の裏などに痛みを感じる人が多かった.レース前日の睡眠時間の多少はレースのパフォーマンスに影響を与えないことが示された.

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